Who wants to work in Silicon Valley: Economist’s edition

I’m not sure if this is an entirely new phenomenon or I’m just more aware of it, but I’m incredibly intrigued by the proliferation of tech firms–start-ups, established big guys, gaming companies, and more–that are seeking to hire economists this year in various research roles. Maybe it’s not new, but rather what’s new is their move to advertise in the two established aggregated job listings that economics candidates are likely check these days.

Today’s job listing comes from Google, who is looking for someone to work in the are of Knowledge. With a capital K.

The area: Knowledge

There is always more information out there, and the Knowledge team has a never-ending quest to find it and make it accessible. We’re constantly refining our signature search engine to provide better results, and developing offerings like Google Instant, Google Voice Search and Google Image Search to make it faster and more engaging. We’re providing users around the world with great search results every day, but at Google, great just isn’t good enough. We’re just getting started.

It just sounds so much sexier than the academic jobs, no? Who doesn’t want to further knowledge?!

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