Off to San Diego

This space has been pretty quiet lately as I’ve been preparing for interviews and writing applications and trying to get all that work done that I didn’t do during the semester. It’s not likely to pick up again as I’m off to San Diego today for the meetings of the American Economics Association. It’s a conference also known as the Allied Social Sciences Association Meetings, which makes my sociologist and anthropologist friends laugh out loud (because they’re not invited…shhhh!) It’s weird; it’s true. I don’t pretend to understand.

At any rate, if you’re interested in following along, there is a twitter handle for the meetings @ASSAmeeting, and a hashtag #ASSA2013. There’s even an app for that.

Sorry. I had to. But really, the app is super helpful. So much easier trying to put in meetings  and interviews on Pacific Time than subtracting hours from wherever I happened to be when the meeting was scheduled. It also has the full conference schedule.

If you’re around and want to grab coffee or a drink or a meal, drop me a line, tweet me, or call. I’m here all week, folks.

CESifo Conference on Children

I think this looks pretty cool. Call for papers comes due on July 15. And I’ve never been to Germany!

CESifo Economic Studies and UCLS Conference on Families, Children and Human Capital Formation

From 19/Oct/2012 to 20/Oct/2012

Among the issues to be covered include the causes and (short-and long-run) consquences of child health, early-life interventions and events, education and familiy poilicies and divorce (including the role of the family more generally). The keynote lectures will be delivered by Anna Aizer (Brown University) and Kevin Milligan.

Scientific organiser(s):  Matz Dahlberg ,  Eva Maria Mörk and  Anna Sjögren

See call for papers 
Submit a paper
Contact for queries:

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